Crypto-Jacking virus infected 850,000 servers

Crypto-Jacking Virus Infected 850,000 Servers [Millions of Euros Compromised]

Recently, a virus came into consideration Crypto-Jacking thousands of computer systems across 140 countries. The malware actually got spotted and shut down by French Authorities.

On 27th of Aug, 2019, French cyber security [officially dubbed CYBER GENDARMES] announced the disabling of a botnet force 850,000 servers strong operating crypto-jacking attak mostly in the Latin America.

The botnet head reportedly located in France and was inoculating computer system right from their with monero Crypto-Jacking software.

Crypto-Jacking basically involves remotely and secretly installing crypto mining software onto the computer systems it compromised.

On one hand, where contaminated computer systems were baring electrical and maintenance costs, the hackers or attacked walked away with the crypto.

The Virus was firstly spotted by private firm namely AVAST in the spring. It generated in some unusual form, means uniquely…


As per report,

Systems comprised with the particular virus are provided with an email promising money or erotic images linked to the virus infections. However aside from this, malware often get penetrated inside the system through contaminated USB drives.

Note: These were some of the methods how virus implementing Crypto-Jacking attack infiltrates inside PC or attack them. More methods used by Cyber Criminals have been discussed below here…later…


Crypto-Jacking Attack

In this Crypto-Jacking Virus attack, the number of machines was the only known thing, and not the stolen amount.


The amount stolen is unknown yet!!

Official or investigators estimates are running into the million of euros, however the culprits are still on the run.

French officials have tracked the head pirate server to Île-de-France.

The server has been notified in operation since 2016, using the Retadup virus to Crypto Jack virus, stealing personal data from Israeli hospitals, among the other nefarious acts.

Within the next six months, French Officials shut down the server, while moving the malware to unutilized parts of the web.

On this Jean-Dominique Nollet to France Inter Radio, head of the Center for Combating Digital Crime (C3N) said:

Basically, we managed to detect where was the command server, the control tower of the network of compromised computers, the botnet. It was copies. Replicated with a server of ours, and made to do things which allow the malware to be idle on the victims’computers.

Nollet in addition to this further said,

Though it’s a large achievement for the French authorities, but chances are there of the attack again, as rebooting the hack is quite simple. And unfortunately, we are aware of the fact that attackers or hackers can recreate this kind of hacker server at any time.

Ok…. So, this was about the Crypto-Jacking Virus recent attack, comprising 850,000 servers.

Now let’s have a quick glance at actually what Crypto-Jacking Virus is and its usual characteristic features…


What is CryptoJacking? [CryptoJacking Definition]

CryptoJacking is actually the unauthorized usage of someone else’s computer system for mining cryptocurrency.

Hackers usually do this mainly via making victim click on vicious link in an email, loading cryptomining code on the system. Moreover, they also contaminates the system with this serious virus infection via comprising a website or online ad with JavaScript, which auto-executes, once loaded in the compromised browser.

Moreover, for further detailed info on Cryptojacking Tutorial, refer to Cryptojacking Wikipedia


How Virus Implementing Crypto-Jacking Attack Infiltrates Inside PC?

  • Downloading freeware or shareware applications have been notified a prone reason liable behind the contamination of computer systems with malware infections.
  • Opening spam or unknown emails and then downloading its vicious attachments leads to the invasion of Crypto-Jacking sort of malware infections in system.
  • Malware often infiltrates inside system through contaminated external storage devices.


How To Detect CryptoJacking?

When its about CryptoJacking Detection, its important for you to be aware of the fact that CryptoJacking script can get found across multiple platforms and devices.

Note: Usually small businesses and individuals are the victim of this computer virus attack.

There are some few telltale signs of cryptojacking.

If device seems to be working slow or sluggishly, then it could be an indication that most of the processing load is being devoted to cryptomining.

In this situation, checking the processor usage statistics on the device might provide you with info that most of the computing power can’t get accurately accounted for.

Now since the calculations needed for cryptomining are incredibly resource intensive, a cryptojacked device often overheat for no apparent cause.


Solution To Prevent Crypto-Jacking Attack?

Though virus implementing Crypto-Jacking attack can get removed manually from the PC, however that’s a tricky method.

If you are a novice PC user, you should never go for this method, and for you Automatic Method To Cryto-Jacking Virus removal is the proper solution.

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