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Founded in 2015, Official TechSupport is a technology website, focused on bridging the connection between users, computers, devices and the Internet through education. Our aim is to help users deconstruct the world of technology and gadgets.

Official TechSupport provides expert-created, real-world technology content for more than 10 million users like you every month. We have more than 50 technology professionals — software developers, educators, web designers, speakers, consultants, and more — all producing articles with informative visuals and straightforward instruction.

Official TechSupport provides important tips and buying advice to all the gadget users. The domain primarily focuses on practical information: deep-hive hardware and software reviews; clear concise tips and tutorials; and penetrating analysis which only the true Tech experts can deliver.

Authors, regular contributors and writers at Official TechSupport own deep knowledge of the subject matter combined with a huge passion for all types of technical gadgets.

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Glenn L. Bain

Today’s one of the top testifying technology expert witness, high-tech experts and consultants, over around one billion people have turned to high-tech analyst  to insight Glenn L. Bain currently top customer products, electronics, computers, software apps, IT and online apps.

Glenn is a veteran IT technology expert witness consultant, software publisher and the head of technology consulting firm Official TechSupport. He is a frequent on-air experts for different techie channels.

Having keen interest in latest technology trends such as hacks, Internet and mobile technologies, Glenn L. Bain
is an enthusiastic reader & blogger demystifying about the latest technical hitches & glitches.

Glenn L. Bain, author of Official TechSupport, is a reliable consultant to the consumer electronic industry’s top manufacturers and agencies and insider for around 300+ media outlets.

Glenn L. Bain is a popular speaker and moderator at technology and media conferences hosted by several industrial organizations.

Patrick Glenn

Patrick Glenn is an IT professional with immense interest in technology. He has studied everything he possibly could for as long as humanly possible.

That’s a joke!!

Anyways Author love to learn, which is pretty typical for an engineer, right??