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Top 9 Solution to Fix Windows 10 Feature Update Error Code 0x8007000e

When you’re trying to download and install Windows 10 update 2019 you may encounter several errors. One of those problems users have reported while trying to download Windows update for their computer is error code 0x8007000e.

Are you one of them who are facing this error?

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll explain how you can fix this error.

Microsoft is slowly rolling out May 2019 update (1903) for Windows 10 and many users have installed it successfully. Whereas, some users haven’t got the update notification yet and some have encountered some errors. Most of the users who are installing Windows 10 Update 1903 are reporting about the error 0x8007000e.

Error, being a common issue for every major update installation, it has a solution. You can get rid of it easily and quickly.

Scroll down to know how to remove Windows 10 update errors.

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x8007000e

The origin of error code 0x8007000e can vary from one affected computer to other. It can occur due to third-party antivirus, anti-malware program interfacing with Windows update or junk files to corrupt system files in the SoftwareDistribution folder.

If there are several reason for the error, there are quite a few solution to the problem. Read them below.

Solution #1: Run Update Troubleshooter

This is the first step when we get an update error like 0x8007000e or any other update error. To run troubleshooter follow below steps.
1. Press ‘Windows Key + I’ on the keyboard to open settings.

wondows key+I
2. Go to Update and Security > Troubleshoot
3. Click on Windows Update and on Run the Troubleshooter

windows troubleshoot

Solution #2: Disable/Uninstall Third-Party Security Programs

Third-party antivirus and firewall application can sometimes clash with Windows update and lead to problems. This problem can be error code 0x8007000e. If a third-party application is the reason for your worries, simply disable (or uninstall) it from your computer. After uninstalling, check if the error is fixed.

Solution #3: Update in Clean Boot

Antivirus or third-party program can be responsible for this issue. So, perform clean boot and try to update Windows again. This time you’ll get the solution to your problem. This will also help you to identify software or services that were causing a problem. If there are any software like this, just uninstall or disable them.

Solution #4: Reset SoftwareDistribution Folder

This folder contains important updates components. If this folder gets corrupted for any reason, the Windows update process may fail by showing various errors and you may need to start over. So, resetting this folder may help you to fix the error for Windows 10 feature update download.

Solution #5: Update Drivers

In addition to the error, while Windows 10 Updates Download, you may face this issue. In this case, you should approach in a different way if the above method fails. It is possible that you might be encountering this problem because some of your drivers are not compatible with the latest Windows 10 1903 build.

In this case, you should update all the drivers to the latest version. Follow below instruction to do this.

1. Open start menu, type devmgmt.msc and press enter. It opens Windows device manager.

start-devmgmt.msc2. Right click on any driver name and choose “Update Driver”.

3. Follow your preferred method to update.

update driver

Unfortunately, this would not help you to update drivers in many cases. So, you can go to the OEM website and download the latest drivers for your PC and install them. You can use third-party software to keep your drivers automatically up to date.

Solution #6: Run SFC and DISM Command

If the problem still persists, try running the SFC and DISM command. This would help you to fix Windows 10 update error 0x8007000e.

Solution #7: Update Manually

If Windows update still fails, the manual method can be handy. Follow the instruction below.

  • Visit update catalog, search for the update you were trying to install.
  • Install the downloaded update and restart your computer.

Expectantly, you won’t face 0x8007000e error anymore. You can also get the solution for Windows 10 pro Activation Error code 0xc004f014.

Solution #8: Windows 10 Update Assistant

If the major update (i.e. Windows 10 Feature Update 1903 or 1809) keeps failing, this could be an effective method. You can visit Microsoft Download Windows 10 section and click on update now. Your problem may get solved with this update.

Solution #9: Use the Media Creation Tool

Most of the users are encountering error code 0x8007000e while installing Windows 10 update. If you’re encountering this error to your latest build then media creation tool is your best solution.

Here is how you can do.

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Download Tool Now’ to download the media creation tool.
  • Run that tool and upgrade your PC using it.

The Bottom Line

One of the above fixes can help you to resolve this annoying issue. These solutions will certainly solve your windows 10 update error code 0x8007000e. Windows 10 April Update was also a decent update.

If it has worked for you do let us know and if you’ve any other cool idea then share it in the comment box below. However, if you still encounter any problem, reach out to us through comment box. We’d love to help you out.

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