How to Restore Deleted or Lost YouTube videos? [3 Methods]

YouTube Videos get deleted from your account accidentally or intentionally? Are you worried to get them back?

Well, here’s the solution!

Guide  To Recover your Lost/Deleted YouTube Videos

In this blog we will focus on such issues and provide you simple and easy steps and let you know that, how to restore Deleted or Lost YouTube videos at desired location in your system.

As we all know that YouTube is one of the largest social media channel and millions of user used it all over the world.

So, here we are going to discuss few methods that will definitely help you in retrieving all deleted videos from YouTube channel.


Methods to Restore Lost/Deleted videos:


Method 1: Recover Deleted YouTube videos With URL

In this method, you need to follow the few steps given here to restore your deleted YouTube videos in your folder.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Videos with URL:-

Step1: First of all, Sign in to your registered YouTube Email account in order to fetch the required information that is related to your previously deleted or lost YouTube videos.

Step 2: Find the video information and open it by clicking the given video link.

Step 3: Now copy the video url and go to the link

Step 4: Paste the URL in the search field of

Step 5: Check the Browse History.

Step 6: From there you will get the complete history of uploaded YouTube videos with the respective date on which you have uploaded those video in your account.

Step 7: And finally, after getting all the details about the deleted YouTube videos, you can restore them back and after that upload it your channel again.

Does this method helped you to restore deleted or lost YouTube videos?

If not, then next method will surely help you out in solving your issue.

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Method 2: Help Support through Email

This is simple and easy method on how to restore Deleted or Lost YouTube videos. Send an E-mail to the support team from your channel related to the issue.

Just follow these steps to contact the help support team.


Steps to Contact to Help Support:-

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube channel.

Step 2: Scroll down to reach the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Click the Help Button.

Step 4:  After that click on the Need more help >> Get creator support.

Step 5: From the list, choose your required issue.

Step 6: Click on the Email Support tab and also on the Contact the creator support team.

Wait for the reply of that Email, as your problem will get resolved soon.

This method is always helpful to Restore Deleted or Lost YouTube videos. However, if it fails then we have the last but not the least method for you and this method will definitely troubleshoot your issue and help you to Restore Deleted or Lost YouTube videos.


Method 3: Restore from backup or use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

From the Backup

In this method we will assist you how to restore Deleted or Lost YouTube videos either from the backup or by using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software.

If you have any backup of all your YouTube videos, then you don’t need any help and you can came out of this worse situation by yourself.

 Locate all your videos file from the backup and upload them back to your YouTube channel.

Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery software


But, if you do not have a backup, then need not worry at all as we highly recommend to use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Tool to restore deleted or lost YouTube videos in your system.

Recover Lost Videos By Using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Tool

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software search for the original videos which you have uploaded on your YouTube channel and restore those videos in your system.

Useful  Link : Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software Review 

Follow the procedure below to use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software:

  • Download the software and follow the instructions coming on your screen.
  • Connect your Storage device such as CD or pen drive to your system.
  • Click on the Recover, Photo, Audio & videos button.

Steps to Restore Deleted or Lost YouTube videos

  • Choose the desired drive where you want to save recover videos.

software to restore deleted or Lost YouTube videos


  • Inspect the files and save them to your desired location.

Stellar recovery software to recover deleted videos


  • Scan your deleted or lost YouTube videos and then click on the Recover.

Process completed to download thee stellar software


So, click on the download button now to restore the deleted/ lost YouTube Videos.


Want to know in detail about this software before using it, then swipe down as it is discussed below.

Features of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software:

  • Software assist for both Mac as well as Windows.
  • Software supports all the latest version of windows including windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  • Recovers all videos files such as MP4, HD-MOV & MXF movies.
  • Work effortlessly with all SD or USB card like San Disk, Samsung, Kingston and many more.
  • Software can recovers all the deleted Photo, Music and Video.


However, it is concluded from the features that this software is for all our user. So, do not hesitate in using this software and download it now!!!!


Hopefully, this blog helped you a lot in and bring you out from trouble to restore Deleted or Lost YouTube videos.

Thank you for viewing this post but if you have any query or any suggestion related to this post then reply it now in comment box.

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