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How to Fix 5 Common Apple TV Problem

The Apple TV is one of the best home entertainment system. It lets you play games and download apps as well as connects to other Apple devices like your iPhone, iPad and MacBook. But sometimes you may face problems due to your home Wi-Fi network or other issues.

Even with a proper setup you find it difficult to recognize the problem.


Here are some common Apple TV problem and their fixes.


1. Fix Apple TV Wi-Fi problem

The Wi-Fi problem can be related to your home Wi-Fi network or your Apple TV is placed too far from your router.

Common Wi-Fi problems include:

  • Can’t find Wi-Fi network
  • Unable to join Wi-Fi network
  • Can’t access the Internet
  • Frequent disconnects and buffering

To solve this issue, navigate to Settings > Network to see if an IP address is showing.

If no IP address is showing up then turn off your router for a minute and restart your Apple TV.

To restart, navigate to Settings > System > Restart.

In case of a poor Wi-Fi signal your Apple TV may not stay connected to your Wi-Fi or it will take too much time to download your show.

To solve this, move your Apple TV out of the cabinet or move the router closer to it.


2. Fix Airplay problem

You can stream your iPhone, iPad or MacBook to your TV screen with Airplay. It turns your TV as a display unit.

If you are not able to use Airplay then make sure that your Apple device and the Apple TV are on the same network. If the Apple TV and other Apple device is on different network or they are on cellular network then it won’t work.

Go to Settings and check your home Wi-Fi network shows both of your devices.

To see Airplay is enabled, navigate to Settings > Airplay and make sure the feature is turned on.


3. Fix the Video problem

Sometimes you cannot stream or there will be video without audio or audio without video.

To solve this restart the stream. Also, check the HDMI cable is connected to both ends or try different HDMI cable.

You can also fix the video problem by adjusting the resolution your TV supports. By default it is set to Auto.

To change resolution, go to Settings > Audio and Video > Resolution.


4. Fix the Audio problem

Restart the stream before performing anything else as sometimes a simple restart solves the problem.

Check the connection to your TV and the Apple TV. Make sure all devices are connected properly including connection to an audio receiver.

Make sure the volume is turned on and the TV is not muted.


5. Fix the Remote problem

Make sure the remote is paired. Charge the remote and bring it near to your Apple TV, hold the volume up and menu button simultaneously for 5 seconds to pair. Now, unplug the Apple TV from power for a few seconds. Plug it back in and then try your remote again.

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