Facebook to merge Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp – Mark’s Explaination

Hearing this, worried about your favorite apps??

Well then don’t worry, as your favorite apps are going nowhere.

But reportedly, recently a few days ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he has a plan to create a unified instant messaging app integrating three of most-popular Facebook-owned messaging apps – Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

As per CNET reports,

The resulting product would support end-to-end encryption and would allow users to communicate across each of the company’s diverse chat systems more easily.

Means now WhatsApp users would be able to talk to Instagram users and Facebook users without requiring the accounts on each of the platform.

This Facebook’s unified messaging app will additionally enable you to talk to some of your Facebook fans even after leaving Facebook.


About this integration of Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, Facebook CEO Mark firstly said that it was originally expected to take place until the end of this year (2019) or the early next year.

But later than the team identify that there’s a lot more they need to figure out. And hence the integration will not take place until at least 2020.

The things which are actually troubling the team is the fact that despite assertions that the integration would deliver a private and end-to-end encrypted messaging platform, according to data experts, it might lead to negative impact onto the people’s privacy.

And thus they would need some more time to figure out all these issues and then building up the integrated messaging platform.

Zuckerberg further added “He’s just super excited to roll out end-to-end encryption across the unified service that is a surprising stance on the matter. However one of the worries which arises with the revelation that WhatsApp will start showing ads was that Facebook was thinking of removing end-to-end encryption. As with that encryption, it would not be able to deliver target ads on chat services, since that requires access to message content. So, this is the reason why Messenger doesn’t have end-to-end encryption. ”

“People really like this WhatsApp feature. So this should be the direction of going in with more things in the future, rather than of doing things in some other ways in the different messaging experiences,” Zuckerberg added.

According to Mark,

The new unified messaging system could be serve as an iMessage-like layer for SMS which would offer more security and functionality.

About Apple’s iMessage, it would for surely not be wrong to say that no one is there up to date who has to able to recreate it, not even Google. iMessage is just so powerful by itself that it would be enough for some of the iPhone users never to ditch iOS.

Following iMessage without literally owning a mobile platform might be a daring daunt for Facebook.

However on the other hand, WhatsApp and Messenger who individually owns more than 1 billion active users, include large number of iPhone users. So, merging the backends of these services might make sense for Facebook, and could help it out turning more people into loyal money-makers for the company.

Despite all this, one of the worries for this unified messenger is that it will entice users to connect their different accounts for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram into a single online identity. Now though this would certainly help Facebook’s ad business, but might not be very great for end users.


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