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6 EASY Ways to Connect an iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch To Your TV

Looking for the Ultimate Viewing Experience?

Sometimes, the small display of your iPhone doesn’t turn out to be the best interface to view media or present files.

You may need to connect your iPhone to a TV if you want to share and view those items on a larger screen, specifically when it comes to media.

Let me tell you, connecting your TV directly through your iPhone or tablet is the swiftest way to get media.

So, what are you thinking? Hook Up Now!


Here are 6 easy ways you can go through to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the TV

#1: YouTube to Chromecast

If you just want to connect YouTube on your iPhone to the TV, a good way is to get a Chromecast. YouTube and Chromecast easily sync with each other as both are produced by Google.

Here is how to connect:

Step#1: Make sure your Chromecast is setup on your TV.

Step#2: Go to YouTube player on your iPhone, here you can see a Chromecast symbol at the top right corner.

Step#3: Tap the symbol to cast your YouTube content to your TV.

Now, play and enjoy unlimited music, videos and games on your large TV screen.

YouTube to chromecast

#2: HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

HDMI is the most reliable wired connection between your iPhone and TV.

Here is how to connect:

Step#1: Plug an Apple Digital AV Adapter in the HDMI port of your TV and the other end to your iPhone.

Step#2: When the iOS device get connected, you can easily swipe through your iPhone to see all the stuff on TV screen.



#3: Android TV Stick

Android TV stick is an interesting method to connect your iPhone with TV.

Here is how to connect:

Step#1: Plug Android TV stick into your TV.

Step#2: Run Kodi media App on your iPhone with Airplay enabled.

Now, play and enjoy unlimited music and videos your large TV screen.

 Android TV Stick

#4: Airplay

Airplay mirroring is another way to connect iPhone to Apple TV. Using this, you can easily stream videos, photos and even more games.

Here is how to connect:

Step#1: Turn on Airplay on your TV.

Step#2: Connect your iPhone and TV to the same internet connection.

Step#3: Now, turn on Airplay from the control settings of your iPhone.

Step#4: iPhone screen will appear on TV. Use iPhone as the controller.

Step#5: Play and watch selected media.



#1: Your iPhone model must be 4 or more advanced.

#2: Apple TV older than 2010 will not support Airplay.  

#5: App Connection

There is a Paid App called ArkMC UPnP, available to stream the media from your iPhone to the large screen. It is available for just $4.99 on App store.

Using this, your iPhone can be connected with your Smart TV wirelesslyArkMC UPnP. What you need to do is-connect both the devices to same Wi-Fi connection.

Here is how to connect:

Step#1: Activate Smart TV’s internet connection.

Step#2: Run the ArkMC app on iPhone.

Step#3: Choose the media renderer screen in its options.

Step#4: Select the media to be played.

This will let you play and enjoy unlimited music and videos your large TV screen.


#6: Composite Cables

If you own a TV that does not support HDMI, then composite AV cable is the best option to set up an analog network between TV and iPhone.

Here is how to connect:

Step#1: Connect the 30-pin port on iPhone with adapter

Step#2: Now, connect yellow colored cable with the analog video port of TV.

composite cables

Step#3: After the connection, everything you see on your iPhone will be displayed on the TV screen.

Hope, connecting iOS device to the big screens has turned easy for you. But if you are concerned choosing methods which can work best for you. Then, here is the answer…

Which method will work best among above described methods? (Wired or wireless)

Let me tell you both wired and wireless connections work at their best. You just need to trail the steps depending upon your preferences and the type of device you have. The tricky and simple steps described above will give you entertaining results.

Now, play your fascinating android game on TV screen, because Bigger is always better.

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