10 Potential Solutions to Battery Drain Issue on iOS 10/10.1/10.2

Suffering from 30% battery bug?

Now-a-days, excessive battery drain is a serious issue for people using iOS 10 and other versions as well. Many people complained that new iOS kills battery life on their iPhone even when the iOS device is being used normally.

Shockingly, the Issue Isn’t Universal!

Lots of people have reported that their batteries are performing well as expected. So, where is the difference? (Must be the way of your iPhone usage).


If you’re using iOS 10/10.1/10.2 then, you must be prepared to charge your iPhone more than usual, otherwise you will meet with annoying battery issues on your device.

Still Issue Persists?

Here are 10 potential solutions to speed up your slow and retarded iOS 10/10.1/10.2


Solution#1: Reboot Your Device

Press and hold down the Home button and switch on/off until the Apple logo appears.

Solution#2: Erase All Settings

Open Settings app > General > Reset > Reset All Settings to factory default.

Solution#3: Turn On Airplane Mode

You can enable Airplane Mode if you do not need to use your iPhone for a long time, this will also save your battery life.

Solution#4: Turn Off Background App Refresh

By enabling this feature, the app working in the background uses the battery continuously. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Turn it off.

Solution#5: Enable Location Service When Using the App

Go to Settings app > Privacy > Location Services to set it enable.

Solution#6: Enable Low Power Mode

To enable low power mode, Go to Settings > Battery > Turn on Low Power Mode.

Solution#7: Disable iCloud Keychain

iCloud keychain greatly consumes your battery, prefer to disable it. Go to Settings > iCloud > Keychain > Turn it off.

Solution#8: Check the Battery Usage

Go to Settings > Battery to check if there is an app that is the chief culprit. If yes, immediately disable/ uninstall the app from your.

Solution#9: Downgrade to Old Version

If all the above solutions fails to work and cannot help you to get rid of the annoyances, then you can downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.5.

Solution#10: Restore Your Device

If you have tried all above solutions and unable to get rid of the issue, then go for Restoration. This will erase all the settings and contents from your device, so first restore from one backup to have a try.

Hope this guide can help you fix battery drain issue successfully on your iPhone.

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