Outlook Error code 0x8004210a

Methods to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8004210a [Ways in 2020]

Are you irritated With Outlook Error code 0x8004210a?? Read this blog to know the best way to fix common Outlook Send Receive Not Working!

Outlook Send Receive Error 0x80040610 has become quite common among outlook users. Actually, this error averts you form sending or receiving emails any further on your outlook. Whenever you try to send any email, Outlook Timeout Error pops out!

Well, if you are quite in hurry and wanna an instant solution try outlook PST recovery tool. This highly advanced software resolve all outlook issues including Outlook Send Receive Error 0x80040610 within minutes.


This Send Receive Error Outlook 365 and other version are quite problematic as it averts you from using your email. Evidently, making your daily work difficult.

So, if you are pissed off of these constant Outlook Error code 0x8004210a, try executing our below mentioned to resolve it. Before heading to the fixes for ‘How to Solve Outlook Send Receive Error’, let’s look at the reason why this error flashes.


Reason Behind Outlook Error code 0x8004210a

0x8004210a Outlook 2016 is same among user of Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007. Actually, this error code flashed when MS Outlook misses to establish any connection with the email server.

Of course, there are many reason restricting outlook to get a connection with the email server. So, here we’ve pointed some of possible reason making Outlook Send Receive Error Pop3 flash again and again.

  • Might be you email server is temporarily unavailable
  • You are not connected to a stable network
  • Settings of your email a/c is not correct
  • Mail server hasn’t enough time to disseminate emails thru the network
  • Error lies in the configuration of the firewall
  • Issues in Antivirus
  • Having large sized attachment crossing the allowed attachment size to be sent
  • Problem in the user profile in MS Outlook
  • Due to wrong changes


Top Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8004210a

Before we move to the solution and fixes for Outlook error 0x8004210a. Firstly, you need to have a clear about Outlook timeout settings

Outlook enable a pre-planned time to finish the send/receive process of emails. In simple words, when an email has large attachment, it can’t be send in specific timeframe. Eventually, this results in Gmail 0x8004210a Error flashing on your Outlook.

So, without wasting a further moments let’s gets back to the methods to fix the Outlook error 0x8004210a. In case one doesn’t work, use the next solution. Also, send a test email to verify if the method worked or not.


Method 1: Verify Configurations of AntiVirus & Firewalls

Sometime due of configuration of AntiVirus & Firewalls, outlook is not able to send or receive emails. Simply, restore the configuration of antivirus software & the firewalls to default to permit unrestricted access to MS Outlook.


Method 2: Remove Suspicious Emails from your Inbox

Certain emails can restrict or even block the receiving of further new emails. Well, you resolve this easily by cleaning your outlook.

Of course, this would remove the mail causing 0x8004210a Outlook 2007 and you could use your Outlook like before.


Method 3: Launch Outlook in Safe Mode

  • Open ‘Windows Run’.
  • Type: outlook.exe/safe.
  • After, following these steps, check if Outlook is working. If it worked, the issue lies in Outlook add-in leading to Outlook 2003 0x8004210a.


Method 4: Increase Mail Server Timeout Interval

  • Launch Outlook and visit ‘File” menu. Here click to open ‘Account Settings‘.
  • Choose the email account and click on ‘Change‘, then click on ‘More Settings‘.
  • In ‘Internet Email Settings‘ pop up window choose the ‘Advanced‘ tab.
  • Ascend the server timeout time as per the requirement & press ‘OK‘.


Method 5: Repair the Outlook Application

Also, the can arise due to problem or issue in Outlook program itself. Well, you can deal with it by repairing your outlook.

  • Visit ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘uninstall programs’.
  • On the new window, visit Microsoft Office & click on ‘Change’.
  • In the next window, choose ‘Repair’ & continue.


Method 6: Create A New Profile In Outlook

If all of the above method failed, you can try another ID in Outlook to receive and send emails. Well, try following steps to create new profile.

Open Control Panel >> Mail >> Show Profiles and press on ‘Add’ to create a new Outlook profile.

Provide the details & press on ‘Finish‘ to finish the setup for the new profile.

Again, launch Control Panel >> Mail >> Show Profiles. Choose the profile you have made and choose ‘Always use this profile’ option to make this ID as default.


Method 7: Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8004210a for Corrupted PST File

Still, if the aforementioned fixes didn’t work, then might be your PST file has corrupted.

To repair this you can use ‘Inbox Repair Tool SCANPST.EXE’ by Microsoft to fix the corrupted PST files.

However, this tool works only for minor or slight corruptions in the PST files. Nonetheless, if Outlook Error code 0x8004210a still persists, it indicates high level of corruption, which can’t be removed with Inbox Repair Tool.


Best Outlook PST Repair Tool To Fix Outlook Error code 0x8004210a

If all of the above methods have failed to fix the outlook error try Outlook PST Repair Tool!

Whatever be the reason behind the constantly popping Outlook Send Receive Error Pop3, the tool resolves it within minutes. The Outlook PST Recovery Software is capable of extracting & restoring the data of mail efficiently.

Well, the software has powerful scan engine analyze extremely corrupt PST file of any size and rebuild it to recover your mailbox data with superb precision.

You just need to Outlook PST Repair Tool Full Version Free Download to function your Outlook before!

Of course, if you are pissed of the constant error on your outlook, this Outlook PST Repair Tool is going to resolve it in no time.

However, the features of the free software are limited to certain access. Hence for ultimate and unrestrictive usage, we would suggest you to go for paid Outlook PST Repair Tool. For now, let’s have a look at the stunning features of Outlook PST Repair Tool.


Stunning Features of  Outlook PST Repair Tool

  • Repairs & Retrieves Large-Sized (50GB+) PST File
  • Restores Emails, Tasks, Contacts, Attachments, Calendars, Notes, And So On
  • Improved Preview Of Mailbox Objects To Permit Accurate PST Recovery
  • Quick & Easy Recovery Of Outlook PST
  • Split Or Compact PST & Export To Office 365
  • Restores Mailbox Data At Preferred Location
  • Recover Mailbox Data In Several File Formats
  • PST Recovery At Your Speed & Convenience
  • Retrieves Deleted Outlook Mailbox Items


How To Solve Outlook Send Receive Error Outlook PST Repair Tool?


Step 1: First Get and launch. Click chose Outlook PST in Home tab in the top ribbon. A pop-up window will flash to Browse or Find the PST file for recovery.

1 PST repair software interface

Step 2: Click Browse if you know location of the PST file. Or, click Find to look for the PST if its destination is unidentified. Next, click Repair to start ‘PST restoration procedure’ for Outlook mailbox recovery.

2 select outlook pst file

Step 3: The Outlook PST Repair Tool scans corrupt PST file. The projected scan timing varies with the size of PST and degree of corruption.

3 PST repair process start

Step 4: After ‘Scanning’ completes, the software previews the fixed Outlook mailbox items including mails and attachments in the Left pane. You can ‘Browse’ and Select mailbox items by choosing specific folders.

4 preview repaired PST

Step 5: Choose any folder and hit ‘Save Repaired File’ in Home tab in the top ribbon. Now, A pop-up Window appears with file format options to choose from and save the found mailbox data. Choose PST and click ‘Browse’. Click OK to save.

5 save repaired PST

Step 6: The progress bar will exhibit up-to-date status of the file saving procedure. Click Stop to abandon the process.

6 saving repaired PST

Step 7: Retrieved PST file saves at particular location. Click OK to complete Outlook PST Recovery!

7 repaired PST saved


The blog ends here!

Hope these method helps you Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8004210a. For further assistance comment right below.




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