Most Common iPhone Problems And Fixes

Most Common iPhone Problems and Fixes in Quick and Easy Steps

All handheld devices and their software are bound to get some common errors. Even the well-built devices from reputable companies like Apple are not an exception. So, if you want to fix error of iPhone this blog is for you. Here you will know about most common iPhone problems and fixes.

The iPhone is among-st most popular device with hardware and software both designed by Apple. Apple, a company who is very strict with regards to the quality of the devices that they make, as well as the reliability and stability of the software that powers their devices. Yet despite this very high pedigree, there are still some common errors that a user may encounter throughout the use of the iPhone. So, go through the following iPhone issues today with fixes.

Here below is the iPhone 6/7/8/10/11 problems list with fixes. But, if you are facing an another issue like shortage of time then go for free iPhone recovery software to solve common issues of iPhone.


Most Common iPhone Problems and Fixes (iPhone Problems and Solutions)

Below mentioned are the iPhone problems or issues today along with their respective solutions:


Touchscreen stops working

Most Common iPhone Problems and Fixes in Quick and Easy Steps


This is a most common iPhone problems and fixes people are looking for. With iOS 11, users of iPhone reporting their touchscreen is either lagging or becomes completely unresponsive. If you find this happens to you, there’s always the common answer of making sure your screen is both clean as well as dry. But there are also some easy ways that will help you to fix this issue within the operating system, rather than focusing on the screen itself.

Potential solutions:

  • Make sure you’re running the latest version of iOS. Apple fixed an issue where touch input was unresponsive on some iPhone displays in its iOS 11.0.3 and iOS 11.3.1 updates.
  • Check the 3D Touch Sensitivity bar by these steps Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch. If it’s on the Medium or Firm setting, you’ll want to set it to Light instead.
  • This type of issue might also happen while using a specific app. In that case, exit out of the app and then force quit it by clicking twice on Home Button. Now restart the app, the touchscreen should start working again.
  • If in case the touchscreen is completely unresponsive then a simple reset will often deal with it. The steps are different for different iPhone models. A reset may cost you the important data loss. But you shouldn’t worry for this, because iPhone recovery software can recover your data.


Lost Data while Jailbreaking – iPhone Problems 2019

iphone problems 2019


Often after updating to a new version or iPhone jailbreak, you tend to lose iPhone videos, photos, contacts, and messages etc. In any such type of situation of iPhone data loss, iCloud and iTunes backup is an option.

But selectively recover certain type of data like only photos or videos or chats messages, etc. can prevent you from usual iPhone 7 problems or another iPhone problems.

Stellar Data Recovery (free iPhone data recovery software for iPhone) is the best do-it-yourself software. You can selectively retrieve your iPhone data you need, rather than complete restoration through iTunes/iCloud.


iPhone Applications Freezes or Quitting Unexpectedly


This is a top issue in iPhone 6 problems list. An iPhone app can freeze just after launching it or while using. It could be probably because the app is not properly installed on your device. An another case is your iOS version does not support the app. If any iPhone app freezes, unexpectedly quits, or stops responding, restart your device after closing app, and check again the app is working. But, in some case reinstalling the latest version of the app from the App store also resolves the iPhone issue.


iPhone Error 56


iPhone Error 56 usually occurs when you restore your iPhone via iTunes. This may be because of a hardware issue or software conflict because in a case the error is found as iPhone 7 hardware problems. To fix the error 56 restore your iPhone, try with another port, or use another USB cable. Restore your iPhone on other computer. Also close all the third-party software such as games, antivirus etc., on your iPhone before performing restoration via iTunes or upgrade.

If still the issue is not fixed, restore iPhone in DFU mode. Since this method erases all data on your iPhone, so backup your device before performing restoration through DFU mode. In case of unfortunate data loss than go for the best iPhone recovery software for iPhone to get back lost or erased contacts, messages, photos, videos, chats, etc.


iPhone Problems Today – iPhone Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi


After updating to iOS 11, iPhone users complained their iPhone no longer connects to their personal Wi-Fi network.

The initial as well as basic solution is to restart your iPhone and check the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that the router is working fine and is updated to latest firmware. It should also support Apple product. If the problem is not yet resolved, try connecting to Wi-Fi after attempting ‘Reset Network Settings’ via iPhone’s Settings.

However, if these fixes do not lead to success, upgrade to a newer version or restore an earlier version.


iPhone Error 53

most common iphone problems and fixes


Error 53 is a most common iPhone problems today user faces. Error 53 occurs when a customer who has had their Touch ID fingerprint sensor/Home button replaced by a third party updates their iPhone to iOS 11 or beyond. And some users even claims that they haven’t even had the button replaced, but instead have slightly damaged the button or dislodged it. Worse still, some user’s say they’ve experienced the issue after getting the screen replaced (and not the Touch ID). And screen replacement is a usual repair carried out by third-parties.

According to the company’s statement, Error 53 was intended to be a “factory test” and was never supposed to affect iPhones.

This was designed to be a factory test and was not intended to affect iPhone users.

Slightly confusingly, Apple has released a patched version of iOS 9.2.1, rather than a new update, to address this type of issue. You’ll need to install the updated version via iTunes on your PC or Mac, rather than on your iPhone (although you wouldn’t be able to access the Settings app anyway if your device has been bricked).


Summary of Most Common iPhone Problems and Fixes:


Most of the issues are easily solvable by a masterstroke. The masterstroke is termed as factory reset you also read it in most common iPhone problems and fixes. But the problem with this solution is data loss. Whatever, now you do not need to worry because of iPhone recovery data software. Even you can judge it by data recovery software trial version. Apart from the newer version it works in iPhone 7 problems, iPhone 8 problems, as well as all iPhone 6 problems list.

Go for iPhone Data Recovery Software Now To Fix All Your iPhone Related Issues.

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