Louisiana Ransomware Attack

Louisiana Ransomware Attack: All State Government Systems Failed

The recent Louisiana Ransomware attack is the largest cyber-crime ever in the state. Well, this outrage of the virus attack has raised security concerns worldwide.


Louisiana Ransomware attack created statewide security issues in almost every sector in the state affected. The Technology Services and State Police persisted to inspect into server shutdowns at numerous agencies.

However, the official didn’t refer to which servers were working properly and which agencies were back to normal functioning. When asked about it, the spokesman for the Division of Administration, Jacques Berry said, “IT teams are working to fix the problems on the basis of the priority level of agency.

“Things are coming back in waves,” Berry said. Still, it can take a “couple of days” before some servers are completely fixed.

Louisiana Ransomware emergency has hit the major offices with a common issue in the computer system. Well, the issue remained on them even after the second day of the cyber-attack.


Office of Motor Vehicles

Office of Motor Vehicles (Louisiana Ransomware attack)

Ransomware attack hit the 79 Office of Motor Vehicles and ceased many driver’s license allotment and car registration renewal.

“We’re virtually, shut down,” director of project management for OMV, Keith Neal said.

A notice was on the door of the Office of Motor Vehicles in Louisiana State. The sign stated ‘System Down,’ in Metairie, Louisiana, Monday, Nov. 18, 2019.

The Louisiana State Ransomware began with the whacky behavior of the computer. Soon, it turned into the issue of invaders locking up computer data and access to which was lost.


Department of Children and Family Services

The attack also affected the work at the Department of Children and Family Services. Well, the agency was not able to conduct business as normal when the system shut down. Specifically, users had problems in applying for food stamps and reporting child abuse online.

Louisiana Ransomware Schools attack also affected the daily chores and routine work at the state’s school.

“Child abuse had to be phoned into 1-855-452-5437, rather than the normal process of online application,” said the spokesperson for the Department of Children and Family Services, Catherine Heitman.


Louisiana Department of Health

Louisiana Ransomware state of emergency affected the Department of health also. When the server went down due to the attack, the agency lost its access to the internet and email.  The spokesperson of the Louisiana Department of Health Bob Johannessen reported.

Eventually, this restricted people from applying for their healthcare coverage which came under Medicaid expansion.


Louisiana Secretary of State

Louisiana Ransomware attack of fire also disturbed Secretary of State. The results of the major runoff elections across Louisiana were to be shared. However, with the effect of attack curious resident were not able to check out the election result online.

The official website and app of the Louisiana Secretary of State were down. The Louisiana Secretary of State Spokesperson, Tyler Brey, the same.


Louisiana Public Service Commission

The cyber-attack also affected the Public Service Commission similarly to those at the Department of Revenue.

Well, the office was accepting and stamping regulatory filings. However, they were not able to attach reports, inspections, and requests to their online database.


Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries

Monroe Louisiana Ransomware attack disrupted the work related to Wildlife and Fisheries. The Resident of the state was not able to buy hunting licenses due to the widespread shut down because of the cyber-attack.


Ransomware Attack, What’s It Anyway?

It’s a kind of software that spread through phishing emails containing malicious attachments. Moreover, it also happens through drive-by downloading when you accidentally visit infected websites and the malware downloads and installs without your knowledge and permission.

This kind of malware variant also spread through social media and web-based messaging apps. Furthermore, the professionals are encountering new additional methods and processes of Ransomware infection.

Once your system gets infected by the malware, Ransomware rejects access to computer systems or data until you pay a ransom.

This cyber-attack was similar to the Ransomware targeted at school computer systems in Sabine, Morehouse, and Ouachita districts in July.


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So, this was all about the Ransomware Attack in Louisiana. Hope you all enjoyed reading the blog. To prevent from such scenarios, follow these tips

Steps To Prevent Your PC From Ransomware Attack

  • Never click on unverified links
  • Do not open untrusted email attachments
  • Only download from sites you trust
  • Use mail server content scanning and filtering
  • Use security software

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