How To Fix SYNTP.SYS Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows 10 (Easy Steps)

The SYNTP.SYS Blue Screen of Death error is a Windows PC error that usually occurs at times after the user has logged into the system. Hence, we could troubleshoot the issue after logging into the system.

SYNTP.SYS Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows


What exactly SYNTP.SYS file is?

As the file extension suggests, SYNTP.SYS is a system file associated with System Restoration Kit developed by Gateway for the Windows Operating System. This file is important and so cannot be deleted.

SYNTP.SYS onto being missed, causes the SYNTP.SYS Blue Screen of Death Error.

Besides this syntp.sys bsod Windows 10, other multiple error codes are generated too when syntp.sys get missed. You can see the set forth error codes for the same file missing:


This SYNTP.SYS file carries a popularity rating of 1 stars and a security rating of ‘UNKNOWN’.

Now, since this file is less secure, so issues are quite common with it.

Causes Behind SYNTP.SYS Errors Windows 10

SYNTP.SYS BSOD Windows 10 might get caused via a variety of firmware, hardware, driver or software issues. These could be associated with either System Restoration Kit software or Gateway hardware. However its not necessarily the case.

More specifically, the SYNTP.SYS error Windows 10 is caused because of the set forth reasons:

  • Corruption in the Windows registry from a recent SYNTP.SYS-associated software change (install or uninstall).
  • Hardware confliction after the installation of new Gateway hardware, or hardware associated with SYNTP.SYS.
  • SYS Blue Screen of Death Error Windows 10 is sometimes caused via a damaged hard disk.
  • SYS Stop Error because of the memory (RAM) corruption.
  • Error often get caused by damaged or eliminated system files after installation of software or drivers associated with System Restoration Kit.
  • Malware infection to the SYNTP.SYS file or associated System Restoration Kit program files.


Steps To Fix SYNTP.SYS Windows 10

Try the below mentioned Preliminary Steps to Fix SYNTP.SYS Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

  • First and foremost conduct a full malware scan of the system. As the SYNTP.SYS file is prone is malware infections because of it’s very low security ratings.
For this, you can refer SPYHUNTER tool, as being programmed with numerous powerful as well as enhance algorithmic skills, this antimalware program do includes potential of implementing a deep scanning of the entire Windows system and then detecting even those infections which very easily bypasses the scanning of most of the antimalware programs available in the market.

This SPYHUNTER program is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows OS.

  • Update Windows. Microsoft might release a proper fix to make the SYNTP.SYS file even more secure. Hopefully the fix would be in the form of a Windows update.

Update Windows


  • Now conduct a system restore to get back the file in case if it is missing.
  • Uninstall any recently installed program in the system, in case it might have causes any software modifications.
  • Execute an SFC scan for helping restore the System Files.


  • Execute a CHKDSK scan. As it properly checks the bad sectors in a Hard Disk and recovers them.


  • Next, update all the hardware drivers.

Following all this, proceed with the set forth steps

  1. Register level fix
  2. Perform a Memory Diagnostics Check

Solution 1: Registry Level Fix

You are require to delete certain files for the mouse and keyboard drivers from the Registry Editor. To do this, execute the following steps:

  • Press Win + R for opening the Run window. Now type the command Press Enter for opening the Registry Editor.


  • Navigate to the set forth keys:

For mouse driver (SYNTP.SYS):


For keyboard driver: (HKKbdFltr.sys)



  • Next, onto the right pane, find UpperFilters and then make right click on it. Select M
  • Delete the set forth mentioned texts in the Edit Multi-String window. Tap OK for saving the settings:

For mouse driver: HKMouFltr

For keyboard driver: HKKbdFltr


  • Lastly, Restart the system and check in case if it helps.

Solution 2: Perform a Memory Diagnostics check

  • Press Win + R to open up the Run window and type the set forth command:


Press Enter for opening the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool.


  • Make selection of Restart now and check the issues.

select Restart now and check for problems

Hope the blog helps you!!

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