(Solved!!) How to Fix ‘Mac OS High Sierra Install Failed’ Issue

Attempting to find out an effective solution to the fixation of Mac OS High Sierra Install Failed issue as have tried several measures regarding the specific purpose (i.e., Download and install Mac OS High Sierra) but unable to do so? If your response is ‘Affirmative’ to the above mentioned queries, then in that situation here you are pleasantly informed that fortunately your search has landed on a very correct platform.

Here easy set of instructions in two parts has been briefed on how to free download MAC OS 10.13 to install and fix the MAC OS High Sierra Install Failed or update error.

how to fix the MAC OS High Sierra Install Failed issue

Part 1: Upgrade to MAC OS High Sierra 10.13 without losing data

Here in this part, instructions are shown on how to upgrade to Mac High Sierra 10.13 without posing any lose to data on MacBook Pro/MacBook Air/iMac etc.

Step 1: Back up Mac system data before MAC OS 10.13 update

 Here to back up Mac system, it is prefer to use Time Machine

  • Regarding this, initially connect an external hard drive to your Mac and then launch Time Machine.
Note: The drive should be minimum of the same size as that of the Mac drive.
  • Next, turn the Time Machine slider ON > Select Backup Disk for setting the external hard drive as the backup destination.
  • Make selection of the vital data to backup now.

Step 2: Download and install Mac OS High Sierra 10.13

  • Initially go to Apple store and then find macOS 10.13 update.
  • Now tap Download and then fill in the Apple ID at time when asked.
  • After downloading the macOS High Sierra 10.13 upgrade software, install the software and then update the Mac system to macOS High Sierra 10.13 via implementing the onscreen instructions.

Now in a case if no any update problem occurs, restart your PC and then enjoy the new macOS 10.13 onto your device.

However in a case of being stuck or unable to install macOS 10.13 onto your device, go for Part 2 to resolve the issue.

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Part 2: Fix Mac OS High Sierra Install Failed Error

In a case if you cannot download or install MAC OS High Sierra 10.13 onto your Mac, or MAC OS 10.13 gets freezes, stuck or fails to install, do not get worried or panic and instead implement the set forth instructions.

Fix 1: MAC OS High Sierra 10.13 downloaded but won’t install

If you get stuck or fail to install the downloaded MAC OS 10.13, then here it is advised to try the tips below to get the Mac OS High Sierra Install Failed issue fixed or solved:

  • Firstly open up Launchpad and then delete ‘Install MAC OS Sierra’ fill with a question mark on it.
  • Now reboot Mac and again retry downloading a new MAC OS Sierra update 10.13.
  • Tap Apple Menu > Select App Store > Tap ‘Update’ next to MAC OS Sierra in the update section.

Fix 2: Mac OS High Sierra Install Failed / Mac OS Stuck or Freezes while Installing

Here two options have been listed on how to fix Mac OS High Sierra Install Failed issue:

Option 1: Install MAC OS update in Safe Mode for fixing the MAC OS High Sierra 10.13 update stuck error

  • Deactivate or uninstall any antimalware software onto your Mac system.
  • Now ensure that your Mac system do have a proper as well as trustworthy Internet connection.
  • Install MAC OS Sierra in Safe Mode.
  • Further, hold Power button till the time until Mac get shuts down. Now turn on your Mac and then hold the Shift key. Release Shift at time when the Apple logo appears. The Mac will get booted into the Safe M0de.
  • Make attempt into installing MAC OS 10.13 update once again.

In a case if cannot install MAC OS in Safe Mode, attempt a clean installation of the new update.

Option 2: Clean installation of MAC OS Sierra 10.13 to fix or resolve the Mac OS High Sierra Install Failed issue.

Regarding completion of a clean installation of MAC OS Sierra 10.3 on Mac, you are required to practice some of the pre-installation preparation:

Step 1: Create a bootable installer

  • Firstly download the MAC OS Sierra 10.13 installation package from Mac App Store.
  • Now establish connection of a new USB drive with Mac. Open up Disk Utility in Applications/Utilities folder and make selection of the thumb drive in sidebar. Tap
  • Name USB as Untitled > Choose OS X Extended > Tap Erase > Open up Terminal once the USB gets formatted and then finish downloading the MAC OS Sierra.
  • Further, ensure USB namely Untitled is connected with Mac. Now type below stated command in Terminal and then hit Enter:

sudo /Applications/Install\ MAC OS\ –volume /Volumes/SierraBootInstall –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ MAC OS\ –nointeraction &&say Done

  • Lastly, enter Administrator password in a case if required. The command itself will create a bootable Sierra installer onto the USB drive.

Step 2: Clean installation of MAC OS High Sierra 10.13


  • Regarding this, firstly connect a USB bootable drive to your Mac system and then restart the Mac via holding option till the time until the reboot tone get heard.
  • Make selection of the disk Namely Install MAC OS Sierra in the drive list which do appears onto the screen.
  • Once the USB drive get booted, select Disk Utility > Choose Mac’s startup from the list and then tap
  • Once Mac’s startup disk got formatted, return to the Utilities window and then make selection of Install MAC OS. Now choose the recently erased startup drive for installing MAC OS. Follow the onscreen prompts to accomplish the installation procedure.

Additional Tip: Restore or recover data lost because of the MAC OS 10.13 High Sierra update

In a case if you forgot to create backups for your Mac data before the Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 update, there is no need to get panic at all as you still have a chance to restore the data lost or damaged because of the update with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software.

stellar phoenix mac data recovery software

Being labelled as one of the most proficient DIY (i.e., Do-it-yourself) tool, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software is indubitably very effective at its respective working skills. Packed with several efficient as well as enhance programming codes, the utility do includes capability of easily and quickly recovering the critical documents, photos, emails and videos from any storage media based onto the MAC OS High Sierra and other older versions.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software: System Requirements

OSMAC OS High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6
Memory1GB Minimum
Hard Disk50MB of Free Space

Stepwise Guide on How to Recover Mac Data Lost After ‘Mac OS High Sierra Install Failed’ Issue

Step 1: Download and install Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software.

Step 2: Make selection of the data types which is to get recovered or customize the scan accordingly. Now press Next.


Step 3: Choose your preferable Mac hard drive from the list of available storage devices. Tap Scan.


Step 4: The utility will begin scanning of the chosen hard drive. Here you might Turn OFF/ON the preview.


Step 5: After certain time, the scanning of the selected hard drive accomplishes successfully.


Step 6: Make double-click onto a file to launch the preview and then select all the desired files regarding recovery.


Step 7: Tap the Recover option and then provide a destination path for saving the retrievable files.


Step 8: Enable or allow the Stellar software to save all of the retrievable data to the provided destination.

Note : Now as your problem has been solved, so what waiting for. Go and get the licensed version of Stellar Mac utility to prevent the system’s data from further corruption.

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