Facebook just had its worst hack ever – Over 50 million Facebook accounts breached: Do these security checks

On an around over 50 million Facebook accounts exploited last week in one of the worst security breach ever for the organization. Here’s brief detail on what happened exactly and what to do for preventing your Facebook account from this Facebook Data Breach.

Facebook has discovered its worst security breach ever last week with over 50 million accounts compromised. This hacking include even Facebook boss also i.e., Mark Zuckersberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Because of this breach, nearly around 90 million users were logged out of their respective Facebook accounts. Besides, extra 40 million were done by Facebook as a security measure in response to the hacking.

With the latest issue, the social media giant said that, a hacker or a group of hackers (this is yet to get confirmed), did this Facebook data security breach via exploiting the site’s ‘View As’ feature. This Facebook feature is known for its capability of enabling people see how their profile appears to other users. By this exploitation, hackers were now able to act like users onto their profiles.

This Facebook data breach additionally also impacted apps, where the user signed in through his/her Facebook login. This apps might be either Android or iOS apps.

The unfamiliar attackers exploited a feature in the code namely ‘Access Tokens’ for taking over people’s accounts. This potentially facilitate hackers with access to user’s private messages, posts and photos.

On this, Facebook said that there was no evidence which has been done.

The hackers besides also tried their level best to harvest people’s private information, including sex, name and hometown from Facebook’s systems.

Facebook on this data security breach issue said that

It doesn’t even know if information from the compromised accounts has been accessed or misused, and is still working with FBI to conduct further investigations.

Nonetheless, Mark Zuckerberg ensure that the passwords and credit card information was not accessed.

So this was all about the Facebook data breach ever.

Despite of the fact that now Facebook says that it has fixed all the vulnerability, it is yet not confirmed what information exactly hackers managed to steal or access. Facebook besides has also alerted those who were logged out of their accounts about the security breach and had asked them to update their passwords.

However, even in  a case if you were not impacted or logged out of your Facebook account, here below some steps are for you which you should keep in mind to prevent your Facebook data breach.

Steps To Prevent Facebook Data Breach

Facebook Data Breach: Check Devices Which you are logged into

Facebook allow its users to check which devices they are logged into with their account. Regarding this, users are just required to go to Facebook on their desktop, followed by Settings, then Security Login Tabs. It will show ‘Where you are logged in’. These settings are also available in iOS and Android app. In a case if you find any device of which you do not make use anymore, tap menu on the right-hand side and choose the log out option.

If find a phone or device where you do not remember logging in, you can select ‘Not You’ as the option and make an attempt to secure your account. In the Security and Login settings, you can turn on alerts for all the logins. This will provide you with an alert on your email or mobile phone number in a case if there is an unauthorized login.

Facebook Data breach: Initiate two-factor authentication

facebook two factor authentication

In case if till yet you haven’t set up two-factor authentication for Facebook, its high time to do this. This will forbid any sort of unauthorized access to your account. Every time you log into a new device, you will require to enter a one-time password (OTP).

One can depend on authenticated apps such as Google Authenticator, or their mobile SMS, for receiving these passwords.

This two-factor authentication can get set up from Security and Login option in the Settings. You can also keep recovery codes while setting this up. This will help you out in case you don’t have your mobile phone with you, as you can rely on these codes.

Facebook Data Breach: Review Authorized Logins

If you own habit of upgrading phones on regular basis, chances are high that you have logged into Facebook on many of these devices and has given an authorized login.

Nonetheless, now it’s the time to revoke authorized login for many of these older apps and devices.

Right below the two-factor authentication feature on Security and Login, you will find a tab namely ‘Authorized Logins’. This is actually a list of devices where you are not required to make use of a login code.

Go through the list, eliminate all the old devices, no matter whether it’s a iPhone from 2015 or your very first Android phone.

Facebook Data Breach: Change your password

If you are a victim of the Facebook data breach and the organization itself has alerted you, then its obvious that you are require to change your account password. Keep in mind that account have been compromised in this breach, so not changing password will render them open for being hacked. Even in a case if your account has not been compromised, it is here suggested to change your password for additional security.

Note: Keep remember that rules to change the password are the standard ones. Do not keep simple passwords, such as the name of your pet or your spouse’s name as the password. Instead choose a strong combination of alphabets, special characters and numerals.

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