how to fix error 53 on Iphone

Error 53 on iPhone and iPad: Issues and Fixes [Complete Guide]

Are you wonder to know about the Error 53, its circumstances in your iPhone/iPad and possible fixes to resolve it?

If so, then don’t worry as here you will come to know each and every thing about the Error 53 on iPhone or iPad. In this blog we will provide all possible facts about this Error in detail. This Error restrict the working of your devices due to which your iPhone stop working at all.

As we all know, Apple mainly follow robust mechanism that don’t allow any glitch in your phone. And that’s why it is unusual to face any technical or software issues in your iPhone.

Despite of the fact that Apple has resolved this Error, but still many users are experiencing Error 53 on their iPhone.

Here’s the latest news update about the action that has been taken against Apple by Australian Court over iPhone Error 53 issues.

Apple fined $6.7 Million by Australian Court over misleading Error 53

On Tuesday, Apple was fined US $6.7 Million (AUD 9 Million) by Australian court for making misleading and false claims regarding consumer rights once they refused to fix the faulty iPads and iPhones which was previously get repaired by a third party.

IPhone users of US tech giant had complained against Apple to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumers Commission) when the operating system get disabled in their devices globally known as “Error 53”.

Instead of that, no immediate action had taken by Apple in order to describe the Error 53 that appears on the screen once device fails security test. However, they had released an operating system update to fix that issue.

In a meanwhile, we will present the steps to fix the Error 53, but before that let’s know about this Error and reason behind its occurrence.

What is Error 53 in iPhone/iPad?

Error 53 mostly occurs when you try to restore or update iTunes on your Mac or other systems. This Error was developed to ensure the proper functionality of the Touch ID before the device comes out from the factory, it wasn’t inserted to annoy any customers.

Recently Apple has launched the update of iOS 9.3 to get rid from that Error. This will help you to troubleshoot the Error that you was previously facing while restoring your device.  So, that you can restore your device by using iTunes on Mac.

Now, it’s important to know the reason behind the cause of Error 53 and steps to fix them.

What causes iPhone Error 53?

Error 53 most commonly occurs in your device due to Touch ID or others component that is associated with fingerprint-recognition feature and get replaced by an unapproved party.

Apple presents the reason to lock down the device, is malicious Touch ID sensor due to which sensor can’t be installed in your iPhone. Touch Id sensor provide unauthorized access of fingerprint data in your iPhone’s secure Enclave.

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Here are steps to fix Error 53 on your iPhone or iPad

Step 1. Close the iTunes Tab in your Mac in case it is opened.

Step 2. Take out the plug of the iOS device from your PC.

Step 3. Download the latest version of iTunes on Mac or PC.

Step 4. Connect iPhone/iPad with your Mac or Computer using USB cable.

Step 5. Then, launch iTunes and also select iOS device. (iTunes prompt to Restore or Update)

Step 6. Now, click on Update. (iTunes will get reinstall or restore in your device without deleting any data)

Step 7. Click to force restart your iOS device, in case it fail to restart properly.

Step 8. Finally, Click on the option to restore or update.

So, if you see “Hello Screen” on your iPhone then simply follow the onscreen steps to resolve the Error 53 and to set up iOS device as well.

  • If you have backed up your device then you will be able to set up your iOS device from that backup.
  • Once you see the screen of Touch ID, click on the set up Touch ID.

And, in case this fixes won’t worked for you then without any delay contact Apple support service and ask them for help Touch ID.

So, want to whether your device is secure from this Error or not and which is device is at more risk.

Then here it is, let’s have a view.

Who Is At Risk?

As per several reports, it has been illustrated that, Error 53 mostly strikes the users.

  • Having an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.
  • Own iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.
  • Those who are running 8.3 or higher configuration.
  • Trying to update their Operating System and restore their devices.
  • If hardware repair had performed on their iPhone from someone other than Apple.

Theoretically, the Error 53 can also affect the iPhone 5S or other previous model.


Hope this blog has delivered all possible facts and latest update related to the Error 53 on your iPhone or iPad. And the aforementioned simple and easy steps has might help you in resolving this Error. But, if still you are encountering the error then contact Apple support service in order to resolve the issues.

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