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Emotet Malware 2019: The Recent Attacks of The Updated Malware Trojan

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Emotet malware is a virus strain and a cyber crime operation affecting a lot of PC users in recent days. Well, the malware known as Trojan: Win32/Emotet, is a Trojan harming Microsoft Windows OS.

Nowadays, the virus has emerged as one of the most active threats. Besides, this helps crooks and criminals to collect your banking credentials from infected hosts.  Indeed, they steal out all the money from the infected PC by utilizing sneaky MitB (Man-in-the-Browser) attacks.

Through Trojan, they collect all your credentials of social media accounts and even drop other viruses or malware on infected hosts. Simply, they work as a malware downloader.

Overtime Emotet malware was evolved drastically. Primarily working as banking Trojan target to stealing banking credentials, however the updated malware has some other function too. Further, after stealing all your data, it works as a “loader,” a type of malware that handles your system and downloads other payloads.

Note: Many people are categorizing this Emotet malware under the category of Ransomware. However what’s the fact behind it… Find it here below!!


More About Emotet Malware

Well, over the time the malware has evolved and installed in users’ systems with different names. After researching several Emotet Wiki, we found out the majority of the names it appeared with…

Emotet Malware 2019 Names


Noteworthy Emotet IOC Infections

Of course, being just a mere Trojan Emotet had evolved over time as a bigger threat as a powerful PC intruder. Now, not only it functions malware itself but download or drop other harmful Trojan.

In this segment, we’ve mentioned some specific Emotet IOC Infections.

  • Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States (2018)
  • Heise Online, (publishing house) Hanover, Germany (2019)
  • Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany (2019)
  • Kammergericht Berlin, the highest state court of Berlin, Germany (2019)
  • Lastly, Universität Gießen, university in Germany (2019)

Emotet has been active for quite a long often time. However, in recent months the Emotet Malware Attacks are quite frequent. Especially, the numbers of case come into account are mostly of Emotet Malware 2019


How does Emotet Malware Attack?

Primarily, the distribution of Emotet Malware takes place through malspam. Emotet accumulated your contacts and deliver itself to your family, friends, coworkers, and clients. Simply, these emails are sent through hijacked email account, the emails look like genuine.

The recipients don’t feel or observe it as a threat click over those bad URLs and download Emotet Malware IOC to get your files infected. Moreover, if the infect PC is present in a connected network, the malware spreads by utilizing a list of the same passwords.

If the password is as easy as a password, then Emotet is likely to find its way to every system present on the network.

Initially, researchers thought Emotet distributes employing EternalBlue/DoublePulsar vulnerabilities accountable for WannaCry and NotPetya attacks. However, now it’s clear that the case is different.

Lastly, they were able to conclude the TrickBot, a Trojan often propagated by Emotet, by using EternalBlue exploit. This helps it to spread across the network to which the infected PC is connected.


What is The History of Emotet?

First and foremost, the malware was identified in 2014. Till now, the Emotet continues to infect your PC to steal data and money from infected hosts. That is why today’s scenario people are looking for Emotet Malware Removal.

Cyber-criminal developed this malware specifically developed to steal back details by intruding internet traffic. After quite some time, users noticed the latest and updated version.

The new Emotet version two involved several new functions to gather bank credentials more effectively. In fact, this included numerous modules like money transfer system, malspam module, and a banking module targeting German and Austrian banks.

Currently, the latest versions of Emotet Trojan are capable of installing other malware to infected devices. However, this simply means it can comprise other banking-related Trojans or malspam distributing services.


By January of 2015

The first improved version of Emotet came into the scene. Actually, this modified version comprises stealth modifications designed, to keep it accessible under the radar. Also, this adjoined new Swiss banking targets.


Fast forward to 2018

The new version of the Emotet Trojan encompasses the ability to install even other viruses to the infected system. Surprisingly, this malware included both Trojans and Ransomware.

After this update, the Emotet malware attack was quite constant. Mostly, the cases are of Emotet Malware 2019 attack.


Major Emotet 2019 Attacks

According to Gizmodo, in July 2019 Emotet Malware attack on Lake City, Florida charged $460,000 in Ransomware payouts. Further, the analysis reported, the strike found Emotet emerged as an initial infection vector.

The updated Emotet virus installs other malware once you get way to your system. Actually, this includes other banking Trojan recognized as TrickBot and the Ryuk ransomware.

After being quiet for a relatively most of the time in 2018, it emerged again strong. In September 2019, German, Italian, Polish, and English victims come as targets on a botnet-driven spam campaign. Nevertheless, to make it more genuine, the subject like included “Payment Remittance Advice” and “Overdue invoice.”

Launching the infected MS word Doc initiates a macro. Nonetheless, this ultimately results in downloading Emotet from compromised WordPress sites.


Best Emotet Malware Removal Tool

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Besides, deleting the malicious files and apps, it keeps your system and network prevented from future Emotet attacks.


Major Emotet Removal Tool Features

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  • Improved multi-layer scanning with susceptibility detection.
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How To Prevent Your PC From Being Compromised By Emotet Malware?

The Trojan virus Emotet has created serious problems in recent months. However, you can save your PC and system from being compromised. All, you need to do is follow these preventive measures.

  • Don’t Click On Unknown Link & Don’t Launch Unknown Attachment!
  • Always Install ‘Anti-Virus/Malware Software’ In Your System
  • Your Anti-Virus Should Be Up To Date.
  • Moreover, run Regularly Planned Scans through Anti-Virus Software.
  • Use the Current Operating System.
  • Always Use Secure Network.
  • Always keep A Back Up Of Your Files.
  • Never Use Open Wi-Fi.
  • Use Numerous Strong Passwords.


So, this was all about Emotet Malware. Hope the info helped you prevent your PC.

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