Canon Photo Recovery—Fastest Way To Recover Lost Photos and Videos

Accidentally deleted photos from your Canon cameras?

Find out how to recover deleted or formatted photos from Canon digital camera!

Canon is a miracle when it’s about capturing the perfect memory, emotion, and scenery. However, accidentally hitting the delete button erases out them in a span of just seconds. Often this sets panic, losing photos is not something anybody wants to experience.

Have you lost your photos from your canon digital camera recently? Here, we’ve shared a complete guide to help you out Recover Picture from Canon Digital Camera.

Canon is an impressive digital camera with lots of exciting features. Still, the issue of photo loss is no less than a nightmare. Before proceeding with any recovery method you need to be sure a few things.


Canon Photo Recovery Do’s And Dont’s

For Canon Image File Retrieval you need to take a few preventive measures.

  • don’t capture image after canon photo loss
  • don’t connect the data card to any other device
  • also, avoid formatting storage from camera or in PC

If you don’t follow any of the above measures, you won’t be able to recover your data again.


Major Reasons Behind Canon Photos and Videos Loss

Photo loss is a common issue with canon digital camera users. However, the issues don’t arise due to the same problem every time. Here are the major causes:

  • Accidentally, tapping delete ALL photos instead of one or two
  • Formatting memory card (SD/MMC/CF card) set with Canon
  • error or corruption in memory card
  • Photo loss while Transferring from Canon to PC
  • Virus infusion

Whatever be the reason with the right software you can Get Back Deleted Picture from Canon Memory Card.


The Best Way for Canon Digital Camera Recovery

Lost your photos and videos from your Canon Digital Camera? Well, with this free Canon photos recovery software you can get your pics back within a minute.

This Advanced DIY Photo Repair Software also Repair Corrupted Canon Pictures and Repair Jpg Photos.  Eventually, with this easy to use the app, you would be able to recover your photo, video, and audio files on both Mac & Windows.

Also, you can upgrade to the pro version for more advanced functionality and enhanced feature making photo recovery easier and effortless for you.

Features of Upgraded Canon Camera Photo Recovery Software

  • Supports All Storage Media and All Major Cameras
  • Recover all files including Photo, Video & Music Files
  • Extracts Thumbnail of photos
  • Repairs Corrupt Photo
  • Repair Many Videos in one go
  • Repair Corrupt Videos
  • Supports Several Formats


Solution: How to recover deleted photos from Canon camera

  • Download and install the Canon Photo Recovery (download Mac or Windows version whichever is applicable)
  • Connect ‘Canon camera SD card’ to your PC via card reader
  • Open the software
  • Select ‘Photos’ on the main interfaceCanon Digital Camera Recovery
  • Elective: Click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ icon at the top left side.
    • Choose ‘Photo formats’.
    • Tick ‘Canon file types’ and click Close. ( following this step reduces scan time and restores your specific files only)Canon Digital Camera Deleted File Recovery
  • Choose the ‘Canon SD card’ appeared on the next screen and click ‘Scan’ it will preview all recoverable files.
  • Click ‘Recover’
  • Save the Pics and videos at your chosen destination. Don’t save them at a similar location where you have lost the files.


Ok… So, this was about Windows Version.

Canon Photo Recovery Software is available for Mac OS also. So, you can use it on Mac also.


Canon Digital Camera File Recovery FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions regarding how to Recover Deleted Videos from Canon Camera free.

Q1: Can all deleted photos be recovered?

Actually, it depends if you have taken the preventive measure in case. If you haven’t use the camera after photo deletion or formatting, they can be retrieved. However, overwritten SD cards are not possible to restore.


Q2: Can Canon Photo Recovery Software Recover Lost Files From Other Cameras?

Of course, yes! You have to follow the same method to restore your lost photos and videos. Also, make sure your SD card is not overwritten.


Q3: How To Recover Deleted Photos From Canon Eos Rebel T6?

You need to follow the same steps for Canon Rebel Recovering Deleted Photos.  Just download the applicable version of the software and follow the rest steps. Also, the answer is the same for— how to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Rebel T6i?


Q4: The software isn’t detecting my Canon Digital Camera equipment. What do I do?

First and foremost, remove your SD card from the camera. Afterward, insert the chip to your PC directly via card reader.


Q5: How To Recover Deleted Photos From Canon G7x?

Download the Canon photo recovery software and follow the same process as mentioned above.


Q6: If my pictures are lost because of Camera malfunction, can I continue taking new photos?

Of course, you can’t! When your camera malfunctions and you keep taking pictures, it overwrites the lost photos. In such a scenario, deleted photos cant be recovered. so, avoid using camera after photos loss.


Q7: Besides Photos, Can Canon Photo Recovery Software Recover Lost Video And Audio Files?

Certainly Yes!

All you need to do is select Video and Audio, after launching the software and follow the same steps afterward.

Tips to Prevent Situation of Canon Digital Camera Deleted File Recovery

Photos and Videos lost with digital cameras can be avoided by taking a few precautions.

  • With digital cameras, regular backup is essential. To prevent data loss, make a backup of your pictures and digital camera regularly on the computer, external hard drive or even cloud storage. In case of accidental data loss, necessary pictures or video loss can be safely recovered.
  • Think twice before you hit the delete button or format the SD card of your camera.
  • Don’t connect your Canon camera to a virus-infected PC.
  • Protect your camera from physical damage, water damage or getting broken.
  • Once data loss, stop using the camera until lost files are recovered.

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