Fixed – Cannot Connect to the App Store Mac | Easy Guide

Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra App Store Error Messages:

“Could not connect to server”

“We could not complete your request”

“There was an error in the App Store. Please try again later.”

If you are receiving the above error messages while trying to update or install an application on a computer system running Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher, then my friend you’ve landed on a correct platform.

Here effective solution has been provided to fix ‘Cannot Connect to the App Store Mac’.

The App Store is actually a neat feature provided by Apple. You can use it to download numerous different apps that are specifically suited for your Mac system.

Now despite the fact that this App Store is really supportive and easy to use, its also true that its often becomes troublesome for the Mac users. Sometimes you may find it not working in the way it supposed to be, because of connection issues.

Users have been notified reporting an error with the App Store, which prohibits them from accessing it. Whenever they make attempts to open the store, a message get displayed stating “Cannot connect to the App Store Mac”.

This might be frustrating at time when you are in need to download an app right at the instant of time, but cannot because of inaccessibility to the store.

The reasons liable behind the generation of ‘Cannot Connect to the App Store Mac’ error message might vary. It could be your Internet connection or a problem with certain certificates (probably in the KeyChain app). What more, it might be simply a bug within the app itself.

In either of the cases, solutions are there and we’ll try to help you deal with them. Now since the liable reasons for this Mac App Store error can vary, so you may have to try a couple of different solutions.

How to Fix “Cannot Connect to the App Store Mac” Error

Below mentioned solutions would for surely help you out fixing the errors like ‘Cannot Connect to the App Store Mac’ or ‘there was an error connecting to the apple id server’. You are just require to follow them in the manner they are mentioned.

Solution #1. Login/Logout

The foremost possible and probably the simplest solution to this Mac App Store error is to logout from the app store and them simply login again. Usually temporary malfunctions get easily cleared out via a simple reboot. In case if still cannot gain access to your App Store, move to the next solution.

Solution #2. Check to see if your Internet Connection is working

The second possible reason of encountering ‘Cannot connect to the App Store Mac’ error might be your inaccessibility to Internet connection. To find out whether this is the cause of the error, you are require to click on the Apple logo in the toolbar. And then select System Preferences from the drop-down list.

System Preferences

Now in the resulting menu, click Network. In the left panel, you would see a list of possible networks. The networks you’re connected to should be on the top of the list. Here, if there’s a green dot next to it, then it means that your connection is OK and its not cause of the error. Skip the rest of this step.

Nonetheless, if it’s a red dot that you see, then your Internet connection is down and that is why you are unable to access Mac App Store. In this situation, you might seek a way to fix your Internet Connection issue – Call your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Solution #3. Set up your Mac’s DNS servers to Google’s DNS

It might be possible that you’re experiencing ‘Cannot Connect to the App Store Mac Snow Leopard’ error because of DNS Connectivity. The fix to this issue is to set your Mac’s DNS servers to that of Google’s.

Regarding this, you’re required to access the list of possible networks (as in the previous step) and click the one you’re connected to. After this, locate the setting Advanced in the lower right corner and then select it.


Further there, click on the + symbol and then type in Do this once again and this time type After adding those two DNS addresses, click OK and then restart your Mac system.

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Solution #4. Get rid of any invalid or incorrect certificates

‘Cannot connect to App Store Mac Mojave, Snow Leopard or any other Mac version’ error message might generate because of invalid or incorrect certificates. In case if invalid or incorrect certificates are the root of this error in your case, then here’s how to get rid of them and once again make your access to the Mac App Store.

  • Open up the finder and click
  • In the resulting drop-down menu, select Go to Folder. In the text field type /var/db/crls/ and click
  • Now you’re require to delete db and ocspcache.db via moving them to Trash. You might have to confirm this action via entering the administrator password. After all this, restart your computer system and hopefully, you problem would have got solved.

Solution #5: Edit Specific certificates in the KeyChain application

The KeyChain application do contain passwords and certificates which Mac uses to establish secure connections from apps, and this includes the Mac App Store. Often a trouble with certain certificates that the KeyChain app contains can generate ‘Cannot Connect to App Store Mac’ or ‘App Store Not Working on Mac’ error message. If that’s what causing this issue in your case, then here’s what all you’re require to do to edit certain certificates in the  KeyChain application and resolve this issue:

  • Go to /Application/Utilities/ and open KeyChain Access. Now select Certificates and then in the search box type Class and then hit Enter.


  • Further, from the search results, single out an icon outlined with blue and then open it. In the resulting window, click triangle icon which is near In the setting Secure Sockets Layer, select Always Trust. You will now require to confirm the action via entering the administrator password.
  • Now since here we don’t have problem with any of the certificates, there is no one outlined in blue. Nonetheless, if your problem has been caused by KeyChain certificates, a blue outlining should indicate the ones, which is causing the issue.

fix cannot connect to the mac server

  • Now once again, open up the same certificate and click the triangle icon. Here set the setting When using this certificate to Use custom settings.

Use Custom Settings

  • Repeat the procedure for each of the certificates which are coloured in blue. After doing all this, restart your Mac system. Probably now you would no longer have the annoying Mac App Store Error.

So, this was all about the fixes to ‘Cannot Connect to App Store Mac’ error message.

Hopefully we managed to help you out. Share your feedback with us in the comment section below.

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